My husband and I have rescued 2 Chihuahuas and for the past year, we have been talking about how I would love to rescue a German Shepherd.  When I saw Bruno, I fell in love and my heart melted.  I knew he was the one for us!   At first, the little ones were scared to death because Bruno is so full of energy.   We taught him to be gentle with the babies and he has learned a lot.

We have also enrolled Bruno in training classes and Chrissy helps me when I need more training when issues came up.  I feel it is very important to train both the dog and myself to have a very happy dog and owner.

Testimonials from happy adopters

Lex arrived into rescue with a multitude of behavior problems, including fear of people, lack of self confidence and even feeling as though he needed to nip to protect himself.  After 4 weeks of living in a positive environment and building him back up, Lex went to live with an understanding and active family out of town.

Lex did a complete turnaround, as with his new, extremely active lifestyle, he also became a new dog.  After being so close to being sent to the rainbow bridge, this big boy is one of our greatest success stories.

Lex is pictured here taking in the awesome view on one of his many snow machine trips.


German Shepherd Rescue of Alaska