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Our purpose is first and foremost to rescue local purebred German Shepherds, place them in foster care for further evaluation, spay/neuter when applicable, then find them a loving new home.


Our goal is to carefully screen all dogs, as aggressive dogs will not be accepted.  A good, steady temperament is of vital importance.  Dogs will be in foster care an average of 2 weeks before being adopted. It is the goal of GSD Rescue to inform dog owners, breeders, club members, veterinarians, and others of alternatives to "putting the dog to sleep".

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Adoption applications are a good way to get on a waiting list, if you are interested in adopting a Shepherd.

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Sometimes dogs fall on hard times too and are counting on people to open their hearts and homes to them.  Just because they aren't babies in no way means they can't bond to a new person.

Wondering whether adopting can work?  Read a few examples of a perfect match!

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